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Boschmann New Zealand is the new Agent for Boschmann Car Audio, Car Stereo and Car Accessories in NZ.

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Partnering with Boschmann NZ provides you with access to wholesale pricing to car stereo equipment.

BM Audio Labs New Zealand offers great deals for your favourite Online Car Audio gear:
 Boschmann car speakers
car subs   |   car amplifiers
car component kits   |   car box speakers
1 inch car tweeters   |   6x4 inch car speakers
5x7 inch car speakers   |   6x9 inch car speakers
Boschmann Center Speaker   |   car wiring kits plus much more. 

We have the best supply of Boschmann Car Stereo and the many featured gadgets and car accessories that go with your car audio system.

We are happy to give you our utmost customer support to ensure that your Boschmann Car Speaker systems perform their best and you are enjoying your car audio gear seamlessly.

We have a wide array of Boschmann Car stereo units, Boschmann Car speakers, and other Boschmann accessories.
For your choice of new Boschmann Car Audio models, check out the Car Audio NZ site.

Dont miss our friendly deals and great car company warranty.

Contact Boschmann NZ now.

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Car Audio 6.5 inch Boschmann NZ Car Speakers

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